My Best Find this Season

The other day the wife and I were out following those flea market signs, you know the ones that are so scarcely placed that you almost can’t find the sale. We we persisted and this treasure map let me to a yard sale where I picked up two of the best items so far this year. First thing that caught my eye was a blue seltzer bottle, it said B. Nierenberg Bottling Co Philadelphia. PA. I just had to have it for my Philadelphia room. The second item was a glass oil container. It’s from the Master mfg com. in Litchefield ILL and its lone quart bottle. Not that I’m into antique auto glass but the price was right. I got both for ten bucks! I saw similar bottles on eBay for $85 for the blue seltzer bottle and over 100 for the oil glass can wow. I might list the oil glass but I keeping the seltzer bottle. Just goes to show that if you look hard enough bargainsImage can be found.


Funny thing at Eagles games

Wow what a great weekend to be a Philadelphia sport fan. It was a football baseball double-header both days. Sat was Temple football followed by Phillies baseball, then Sunday Eagles football followed by Phillies baseball again. My friend did notice a strange thing at the Eagles games. They didn’t re-play any plays where something bad happened to the birds. Not the hit heard round the league on Jackson, not the 3 missed field goals by Akers nothing, nada. What’ going on are the Eagles trying to censor what the fans see/saw? What do you think about this new Gold Standard of lack of re-plays?

Phillies Tailgate Party

What an awesome group of  people from AC who came up to tailgate the Phillies  last night. Man these people know how to have fun. Check out the slideshow and see for your self AC Gang Phillies Trip.

Deliliah’s & 610 Tailgate Contest rip-off

cadianan fans tailgate in Philly

Do you dance in the Montreal fashion?

I guess I’m not surprised to learn the the winners of the WIP 610 tailgate party contest are getting practically nothing for winning the first week. It turns out they were offered 2 free drinks & snacks and a private room at Delilah’s den to watch the next Eagles away game. What a rip-off! The food and drinks  at the tailgate party in the parking lot were better than what WIP 610 and Delilah’s offered. To make it worse they placed a video on WIP 610 where you can see how great the tailgate parties they visited were,  check it out for yourself and see how great the tailgate parties they visited were WIP 610 LAMEO Contest Don’t be fooled by this contest as it runs the whole season.

Slot car racing in NJ

Time for the Garden State ISRA slot car race. Come to SpeedzoneNJ Raceway and start the slot car racing season on Sunday, September 26. Raceway opens at 8 AM. First race is at 10 AM. Here is the order of the classes and what track we will be racing on as well entry fees:

$6 – 1/32nd Production: Engleman banked track
$8 – Group 10: Engleman banked track
$10 – B Production: Jersey Devil Flat track
$12 – Open Group 12: Jersey Devil Flat track

*In Addition we have talked to Jay and Mike at Speedzone and after the regular scheduled Garden State classes, there will be a 1/24 Eurosport race, with a $100 cash payout! First will receive $50, second $30, and third $20! Eurosport will use Northeast ISRA Rules.

*There will also be a raffle for a brand new Group 10 roller provided by Robert Geibel, and built by Andrew. The raffle will be five dollars for five tickets and the money will go towards the end of the year point fund.

It’s going to be a great day of racing and we hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to kicking off the season as much as we are. We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, September 26!

Phillies Ticket & Tailgate Party

I just wanted my friends in on a Phillie’s ticket and tailgate package $55 for this Saturday. It’s a 7:05 game and the party starts at 3:30. Give me a call if you want to come down 267-847-2110. The weather is going to be gorgeous the Phils are hot what else do you need.

Blog title…

Ok so Sunday wasn’t a great day for the Eagles,but it was a great day for They were crowned best tailgate party in Phila. by radio 610 and Delilah’s Den. Just another notch in their belt.